Monday, August 27, 2018

Monster Monday - Tome of Horrors 5E - Quickie

From Tome of Horrors 5E, by Frog God Games
New bulettes showed up in the Tome of Horrors 5E. I'm excited about this for obvious reasons. Here's a screenshot from the book. The colors within are black, blue, gold, green and red.

I haven't run any of the new bulettes yet, but they are really cool. I'm surprised this hadn't been done before. I think we will see a rash of "colored" monsters after this.

I don't want to give away too much from this new product, but as you can see, they infused a classic monster with some very cool ideas. The devil tied inside the bulette is an awesome take, and the others all have something similar.

Overall, there are 325 monsters in this book, statted to 5th Edition. I'm not sure how many are new, but there are the 5 bulettes, Silver Bulette did 4 more (Fungus Man Alchemist, Hsagrath, Lost Limb, and Tainted Servant of Tsathogga.) If you're a DM for 5E this is a must get book. For me, it ranks higher than the Monster Manual. Tome of Horrors and Tome of Beasts, from Kobold Press are my top 2 5E books for monsters. I even recommend this book to older version players. There is some great art, and FGG knocked the production out of the park!

Print books for this aren't out yet, but be watching in your FLGS and on the website linked above. I'm sorry if today sounds a bit like an advertisement. I'm very excited for this book. It's my first "official" writer's credits.

Monster Monday will be disappearing. With the return of school days, my FLGS game has switched to Mondays. I intend to replace it with a grab bag on Wednesdays moving forward. Expect that next week.

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