Monday, April 2, 2018

Monster Monday - New Blog, No Monster?!

I have moved Monster Monday to the Silver Bulette Blog, as you can see. Mord Mar is supposed to focus on megadungeons. While all of my Monster Mondays were usable for a megadungeon environment, they weren't the focus. So, I feel that Monster Monday fits better here.

Ian and I want the Silver Bulette blog to be a place where DMs can find interesting information, that will help hone their craft. Most of our ideas can be used in any edition, but we lean more toward Old School mentalities. Unlike a lot of people out there, we think these can be intertwined with new school and make an explosive, awesome potion of RPGness.

I almost always write Monster Monday in the OSR format. It is my native language. I= speak 3.x and 5E, but not as fluently. The smaller stat blocks and abilities keep the blog from becoming a wall of text. I also try to use OGL monsters. So there is no repercussions from Big Games.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Monster Monday, the typical formula is:



A bit of history and monster stats

Interesting ways to use the monster

Look for Monster Monday here next week.

Mummy by "Bree Orlock" and Stardust Publications; used under license

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